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2024-6-3 Added May Harmonic
2024-05-11 Updated donation page
2024-5-3 Updated main page
2024-5-3 Updated club roster
2024/4/29 Added April Harmonic
2024-4-3 Updated main page
2024-4-2 Added SK auction info and link to main page
2024-4-2 Added March Harmonic
2024-2-26 Updated Club Roster
2024-2-26 Added February Harmonic
2024-2-19 Removed ATV information from Repeater page, added link to GMRS regulations on repeater page and main page
2024-2-14 Updated main page
2024-2-13 Updated Repeater and Nets page to add GMRS repeater information
2024-2-8 Updated Project page
2024-2-5 Added Mid-Michigan Sunday Net Control Schedule
2024-2-5 Updated main page
2024-1-29 Add January Harmonic
2024-1-29 Updated Winter Field Day 2024 pages, updated main page
2024-01-11 Add Return to top navigation to main page
2024-01-08 Updated main page, updated presentation schedule
2023-12-31 Added December Harmonic
2023-12-20 Updated main page presenter schedule for 2024
2023-12-6 Updated main page, added public service, Winter Field Day, meeting info
2023-11-27 Add 2024 SVARA Net Control Schedule
2023-11-27 Updaged main page
2023-11-26 Added November Harmonic
2023-10-27 Added October Harmonis
2023-10-7 Updated club roster
2023-10-3 Added September Harmonic
2023-9-6 Updated main page
2023-8-27 Updated club roster
2023-8-27 Added August Harmonic
2023-8-14 Updated main page
2023-8-14 Added Lou Vescio obit information
2023-8-9 Updated main page for changes for the Midland Search and Rescue event.
2023-7-28 Added June Harmonic
2023-7-3 Update main page
2023-7-3 Updated Field Day 2023 page with scores, images
2023-6-19 Updated main page
2023-5-30 Updated main page
2023-5-29 Added May Harmonic
2023-5-18 Updated main page
2023-2-28 Updated club roster
2023-4-21 Added April Harmonic
2023-4-2 Updated main page
2023-4-2 Updated club roster with membership dues
2023-3-27 Updated club roster
2023-3-24 Updated club roster
2023-3-24 Added March Harmonic
2023-2-28 Updated club roster
2023-2-27 Updated main page
2023-2-27 Added February Harmonic
2023-2-20 Updated the Donation page
2023-2-4 Added images to Winter Field Day 2023
2023-2-1 Updated main page
2023-1-30 Added January Harmonic
2023-1-30 Updated Winter Field Day 2023 page, updated main page
2023-1-23 Add a Sway Meet section to the main page
2023-1-17 Updated club roster
2023-1-16 Updated contest calendar on main page
2022-12-26 Added MS Walk schedule to main page
2022-12-23 Update club roster
2022-12-23 Added 2023 SVARA Net Control schedule
2022-12-10 Updated main page
2022-12-9 Added photos to 2022 Christmas at the Zoo event
2022-11-27 Added November Harmonic
2022-11-1 Added October Harmonic
2022-10-4 Added September Harmonic
2022-9-2 Updated club roster
2022-9-2 Added August Harmonic
2022-8-30 Added club auction information to main page
2022-7-28 Updated club roster
2022-7-15 Added June Harmonic
2022-6-30 Added new public service events to main page
2022-6-23 Updated main page
2022-4-24 Added May Harmonic
2022-4-24 Updated main page
2022-4-4 Updated club roster
2022-4-3 Updated contest calendar link
2022-4-1 update manin page to add Michigan QSO Party information
2022-3-24 Added Dennis Poletti Obit information
2022-4-1 Added March Harmonic
2022-2-22 Added February Harmonic
2022-2-5 Updated club roster
2022-2-4 Updated site search engine
2022-2-3 Updated main page images
2022-2-1 Updated propergation page
2022-1-31 Added January Harmonic
2022-1-29 Updated membership page, updated main page
2022-1-6 Update main page
2021-12/27 Update main page
2021-12-23 Updated main page
2021-12-23 Added December Harmonic
2021-12-3 Added November Harmonic
2021-11-3 Added October Harmonic
2021-9-28 Added September Harmonic
2021-9-5 Updated club roster
2021-8-26 updated club meeting of other items on main page
2021-8-26 Added RF Exposure calculator to main page
2021-7-1 Updated club calendar
2021-7-1 Updated various pages
2021-1-20 Updated all email forms, pshr form, roster form login for non-working issues
2021-1-16 Moved website to new hosting proivder. uploaded files, updated main page
2020-12-26 Update main page for D-Star repeater anouncement
2020-12-26 Update Repeater page for new D-Start repeater
2020-4-20 Updated club roster
2020-4-16 Updated club roster
2020-3-23 Updated club roster
2020-3-5 Added February Harmonic, updated main page
2020-2-19 Updated main page
2020-2-12 Updated club roster
2020-2-10 Updated main page with member obits, updated SK page
2020-2-7 Added January Harmonic, updated main page
2020-2-1 Updated main page with public service announcements and February club meeting info
2020-2-1 Added Winter Field Day photos
2020-1-3 Added December Harmonic, updated main page
2020-1-2 updated email list for new president and treasury
2020-1-2  updated main page for new club officers
2019-12-30 added photos to Christmas at the zoo
2019-12-18 Updated club roster and main page
2019-12-6 Added November Harmonic, updated main page
2019-11-25 Updated main page to include location for December meeting
2019-11-1 Added October Harmonic, updated main page
2019-10-4 Added September Harmonic, updated main page
2019-9-6 Added August Harmonic, updated main page
2019-6-13 Updated the club roster
2019-6-5 Updated main page, updated previous announcements, updated 2019 Field Day page
2019-5-1 Added May Harmonic, updated main page
2019-4-3 Added April Harmonic, updated main page
2019-3-1 Added March Harmonic, updated main page
2019-2-1 Added February Harmonic, updated main page
2019-1-25 Updated club roster
2019-1-4 Added January Harmonic, updated main page
2019-1-13 Updated board meeting schedule for 2019
2018-12-28 Updated main page
2018-12-16 Updated main page
2018-12-16 Added 2019 Monday night net control operator schedule
2018-12-3 Update main page, updated contest and public service sections
2018-12-3 Update club roster
2018-11-2 Updated SVARA monthly news letter posting
2018-11-2 Updated main page to add November contests
2018-10-23 Update club roster
2018-10-17 Updated main index page to add November Holiday in the Heart of the City event
2018-10-17 added Packet Radio Resource link to Repeaters & Nets page
2018-3-7 Updated contest calendar information
2018-3-7 Added photos of Covenant North repeater receive site
2018-1-10 Updated main page, updated Previous Announcements
2018-1-10 Updated Board Schedule
2018-1-5 Updated club breakfast location
2017-12-31 Updated club officers
2017-11-18 Updated main page to add December meeting, updated Net Schedule
2017-11-14 Update main page to add upcoming events
2017-11-12 Added 911 antenna work
2017-9-19 Update Monday Net Roster
2017-9-19 Updated main page
2217-9-1 Updated Newletter page
2017-5-6 Updated club roster
2017-4-22 Updaed club roster
2017-4-15  Add link to new Saginaw repeater update video
2017-3-27 Updated club roster
2016-8-29 Updated club roster
2016-8-13 Updated club roster
2016-5-7 Updated club roster
2016-4-2 Updated main page for new events
2016-4-2 Updated club roster
2016-3-20 Updated Project Night List
2016-3-5 Updated club roster
2015-5-2 Updated club roster
2015-4-27 Updated net control operator schedule for SVARA Monday night net
2015-02-28 Updated club roster
2015-02-09 Updated net control preamble, word and PDF files
2015-01-30 Updated club call trustee information
2015-01-05 Updated net control operator schedule for SVARA Monday night net
2015-01-02 Updated club officers and mailing forms
2014-11-14 Updated Announcements, Monday Net and Presenter sections of main page
2014-11-3 Added upcoming contests to main page
2014-2-9 Added upcoming contests to main page
2014-2-8 Updated random front page photos
2014-2-8 Updated Club roster
2014-1-2 Updated Club Officers
2012-3-6 Updated Club roster
2012-1-5 Updated Club officers mailing forms for 2012, added board photo
2010-12-13 Updated Club officers mailing forms for 2011
2010-12-13 Update main index page
2010-12-13 Update Previous Announcement Link
2010-12-7 Updated Previous Presenters Link
2010-12-30 Updated Harmonic Back Issues
2010-03-05 Updated Project Night page
2010-01-04 Updated Club Officers on main page, updated Officer mailing forms
2009-06-03 Updated Harmonic Back Issues
2009-05-02 Updated Club Officers on main page, updated Officer mailing forms
2008-04-08 Moved older presenters off main page to their own page
2008-04-01 Updated Harmonic Back Issues
2007-08-10 Update Carebreak page for Labor Day 2007
2007-08-10 Added link to new ARES Website
2007-07-13 Updated Harmonic Back Issues
2007-07-13 Added Change Log to bottom of homepage
2007-07-13 Added HAARP Spectrums for HF & VHF to Propagation
2007-07-12 Updated Outings Page (moved completed and updated first ward)
2007-07-12 Added Metro Youth Day Photos 2007
2007-07-12 Added Field Day info from N8ERL