SVARA Field Day 2007

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Lou Vescio and State Representative Kenneth Horn work the radios at Field Day

Field Day Report by Dave Schneider, N8ERL
Almost perfect weather was only one of the highpoints of SVARA’s 2007 Field Day excursion to Richland Township Park. About 20 club members participated this year and all had a great time.

Seven stations in all were set up including 80 phone (Dave, N8ERL) using a FT-857D and balanced line fed dipole; 40 phone (Bill, W8CWD) using a DX77 and a 40 meter dipole; 20 phone and CW (club trailer) using the club FT-897 and beam; 15 phone and CW (Lou, W8LPV) using an FT-897 and balance line fed dipole; 10 phone (Mike, KD8AUZ) using a IC-7000 and 10 meter dipole; digital and CW (Keith, N8XD) using an FT-897 and 20m hamstick dipole; and GOTA (Bob, N8YXR) using an Elecraft K2 and the club Hustler vertical .

SVARA has had a tradition of fun, laid-back Field Days and this year was no exception. A total of 2900 points were made on 726 total contacts (45 digital, 114 CW, 567 phone) and 1130 bonus points.

Jeff, KB8BDQ and Judy, KC8BYI provided our food again this year. Judy served up her famous sloppy joes on Saturday afternoon and Jeff served up his traditional French toast for breakfast on Sunday morning.
Thanks to George, N8NPW, for hauling the trailer back and forth.
Lou, W8LPV, invited State Representative, Ken Horn, to visit the site and he and his wife were shown around on Saturday by Lou.

We always have room for one more station so if you think you might want to set one up for next year, you will always be welcome. This year’s new station was Mike, KD8AUZ’s 10 meter operation. Mike had some scheduling conflicts but was still able to get things set up and make a few contacts. I think if you ask Mike he will tell you that making that first field day contact with your own station is a pretty big thrill.
Thanks to everyone for helping to make Field Day 2007 a success.

Station Statistics
Station QSO's Modes Points Low Power Features Earned Points
N8ERL 298 Phone 298 298 150 746
W8CWD 132 Phone 132 132 100 364
Club Trailer 74 Phone, CW 76 76 200 352
N8XD  120 CW, Digital 240 240 300 780
W8LPV 43 Phone, CW 80 80 200 360
KD8AUZ 3 Phone 3 3 100 106
N8YXR 56 Phone, GOTA 56 56 80 192
Total 726 Total 885 885 1130 2900
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