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2006 Completed Outings
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ARRL DX Contest (March 4, 2006), 10 AM at the Red Cross
Once again we operated from the Club radio station at the Red Cross for the ARRL DX Contest.   You can view the 2006 RESULTS and also see last years Story by Aaron, KD8AVA

Ham Radio at the Library (March 7, 2006)
The Claytor and Wickes branches of the Public Libraries of Saginaw will be hosting a children and teen program on amateur radio at 4 PM simultaneously at both locations.   The children will be shown how to use Ham Radio to communicate between the two libraries.  Story by Jennie, and (Photos)

Frankenmuth, MS Walk (May 13, 2006)  (signup online!)
SVARA regularly participates in the Frankenmuth Multiple Sclerosis Walk.  Amateur radio operators provide the communications between the race officials, aid stations, and vehicles.   Visit our MS-Walk page for more information, or contact Rick Schattilly (KC8VOA).

2006 - SVARA's 50th Special Event Station, June 3, 2006 (Noon - 6pm)
The SVARA 50th anniversary special event station will be operating from the Red Cross on Saturday June 3 (after the club breakfast).  Please contact Dave Schneider, (N8ERL) or Keith (N8XD)

2006 - SVARA's 50th Anniversary, Trillium, June 6, 2006 at 6pm
Memories, photos, equipment, documents...all important to the upcoming SVARA 50th Anniversary party.  For those interested in providing any of these or wishing to help with the planning of the party, please contact Jeff (KC8BDQ) or Keith (N8XD)

AMSAT Satellite Demonstration - Midland Hamfest, June 17, 2006
A demonstration of satellite communications using Oscar-51 (Echo) was given at the Midland Hamfest this year.  Participants had the opportunity to connect several satellite antennas to their own radios and listen to the satellites.  Contacts were made throughout the United States on the 145/435 MHz satellite.  About 25 people total, attended the two demonstrations.  Keith DeLong (N8XD) lead the presentation; and Dave Schneider (N8ERL), Duane Vasold (K8CCE), and Chris Rose (KB8UIH) lent valuable assistance.

Field Day (June 24, 25, 2006)
On Field Day, amateur radio operators from all over the country take their portable radio equipment out to parks, fields, and served agencies like the Red Cross.  We try to make contact with as many stations as we can.  Planning for Field Day 2006 has just started and we are looking for someone to lead.   2005 Field Day Photos, 2004 Field Day Photos 

Metro Youth Day (Wednesday, July 12, 2006)
We will be taking the club trailer down to Belle Isle early Wednesday morning.  This will be a great chance to interact with children between 8 and 15 years old; introducing them to amateur radio.  For last years detail's see our 2005 Metro Youth Day webpage. 

Michigan Section Family Outing (July 13-16, 2006)
This is a well attended amateur radio camping adventure in Hale, Michigan at the Woodlands Conference Center and Campgrounds.  You are sure to see some familiar faces.  The Michigan Section Family Outing Webpage has the schedule and location information.  And the map tells you how to get there.  Feel free to come up just for Saturday.

Care Breaks (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends)
These breaks are our biggest chance to help out travelers, make friends, and give out coffee.  The donation's we receive are the biggest part of our annual revenue.  We are usually stationed at the rest stop on South Bound I-75 just south the M-84 interchange.   Please contact our care break co-coordinators Jeff (KC8BDQ) and Judy (KC8BYI) if you would like to help out this year.  All most all of the club members participate in these events.  Don't miss them, we definitely have a lot of fun!

International Lighthouse on the air Expeditions, August 19-20, 2006 weekend
We have been invited to participate at several lighthouses this year for the International Lighthouse on the air!

Fox Hunts (October 1, 2006 w/picnic)
The Bay City Club will be hosting a Fox Hunt.  This will be another chance for those of you that built Fox Hunt antennas last year!  Every one is invited, so if you don't have an antenna, team up with someone that does!   You can see more details on the fox hunt webpage.

Emergency Services SET (Thursday, October 12, 2006  Frankenmuth)
Here is a great chance to help out with emergency services.  Agencies from all over Saginaw County, plus the Coast Guard, FBI and other federal agencies will be participating in this simulated emergency.  For more information contact Carl (KC8YVI)    You can preview the training schedule, and last year's video and photos.

Jamboree on the Air ,October 21-22, 2006
This is an opportunity for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts (and their parents) to experience Amateur Radio Communications. Scouts all over the world will be operating radios over the weekend.  This will be a chance to talk to scouts in other parts of the world!  The Midland Club is hosting this in Beaverton, please contact Lee (the Midland President) for more information.

CQ WW Contest (October 27-29, 2006), 6PM at the Red Cross
We will be opening up the Red Cross Club station for the CQ WW Contest this year.  This is your chance to practice your DX and contesting skills along side Elmers.  Last year, several Hams made their very first HF contacts!   Use your own call sign to add contacts to your log -- or work with a control operator and the K8DAC call sign if you are a Technician.  We also usually run the ARRL DX Contest in the spring.  See the Contest Webpage for more information.

Saginaw PRIDE Christmas - Children's Zoo and Parade, November 2006
At Christmas time we support the Saginaw County Parade and Children's zoo by offering  to send SantaGrams to Santa for young kids.  These messages are sent to the North Pole via the Amateur Radio National Traffic System.  If you would like to participate please contact Joe Turner (K8CQF), Jeff (KC8BDQ) or Judy (KC8BYI).

If you see an outing that is missing, let us know.