SVARA Awards

50th Anniversary Awards
June 6, 2006 Certificates were awarded former club Presidents, thanking them for their leadership; Repeater Builders, thanking them for building and improving the system; and the club Founders for working hard to create the club 50 years ago.  Special Awards were given to Joe Turner, K8CQF - Spirit of Radio; and Ed Ireland, W8HZF - Grandfather of SVARA.  For photos, visit the 50th anniversary webpage.
Aaron (KD8AVA), Gordon (KC8YVD) and Joe (KD8AFM)
April 1, 2005 Certificates were awarded to three hams that made their first International HF contacts on March 5, 2005.  About 15 hams old and new participated at the Red Cross for the ARRL International DX Phone Contest  - Aaron wrote about his experience for the Newsletter and Website
Jeff & Judy Weirauch, KC8BDQ & KC8BYI
At the March 2005 club meeting,  Jeff and Judy Weirauch received engraved coffee mugs for their outstanding service organizing Care Breaks.  They have done an enthusiastic job, and the Care Breaks give us all a great chance to serve and interact with the public.
Carl DeMeritt, KC8YVI
At the March 2005 club meeting, Carl was awarded a plaque for his outstanding achievement.  Carl attended a Technician training class in the Fall of 2003 and passed the exam for his Technician license.  He worked hard throughout 2004, earned his General, and Extra Licenses, and participated in the 2004 training class as a VE for the final exam.  Carl has come a long way in a year and we are all very proud of him.
Steve Block, KC8BTE (sk)
At the February 2005 meeting, Steve received an Presidential plaque and gavel for his outstanding achievement as SVARA Club president for the the 2004 year.  Sadly Steve passed away February, 21, 2005.   Steve was serving as the Saginaw County Emergency Coordinator for ARES/RACES and was a SVARA club board member.  He was a friend to us all.  He will be greatly missed.
Kenneth Young, WA8LXX (sk)
January 2005, As a member of SVARA, Ken participated in many club events over the years.  He was a respected member of the SVARA board of trustees.  A plaque for our beloved silent keys is on display in the Red Cross club radio station.
If you would like more information on club awards, let us know.