SVARA New Repeater Project takes shape: 2017-2018

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Video of equipment and testing

Covenant North Receive site install, March 3, 2018

Receive antenna and dish transmit antenna

View from up top of Covenant North


Repeater install at Rosien, November 25, 2017 

2 meter remote receivers

Microwave power injectors

UPS and power strip

2 meter transmitter and backup receive

6 meter link receiver

147.24 transmitter and backup RX receiver with RCTM controller

Installing equipment

Jeff, KB8SWR working on the 6 meter amp

Cyberpower UPS

Power distribution strip

Supermicro Server

MikroTik router

Cisco switch

APC surge suppressor

147.240 rack

6 meter link receiver

6 meter amplifier

6 Meter antenna install

Slyline of Old Town from the top.

Skyline of Old Town

Jeff, KB8SWR installing the 6 meter antenna

6 Meter Antenna


Antenna install at Rosien Towers 2017

Photos by N8ERL

Mike N8XPS and Mike K8AVJ working on the dishes.

Jeff KB8SWR working on the cabinet

Getting ready to add the top tower section.

Working to get the 220MHz antenna ready to go back up.

Up on the tower.

Jeff KB8SWR installing the microwave antennas.

Jeff KB8SWR finishing his work.


Photos by W8DW

Two on the tower


Photos by KC8YVF


James Township Photos


Davenport Manor Photos

Corner reflector UHV antenna of the old system and the small dish for the new repeater.

Microwave dish view from the top.

Equipment rack at Davenport Manor.


The mass of cell phone equipment on Davenport Manor.

The mass of cell phone equipment on Davenport Manor.

Node 46351 Screenshot



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