SVARA New D-Star Repeater Install: December 26, 2020

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Covenant North Receive site install, December 26, 2020


After several months of research, programming and testing by Dave W8DW, the new D-Star repeater was installed at the Covenant North building on Saturday December 26, 2020.  Jeff KB8SWR, Dave W8DW and Ron KC8YVF completed the rework of the radio cabinet and installation of the repeater with remote help from Fred, W8FSM.  Thanks to Mike KD8MMH for his generous donation of the UHF D-Star repeater and Controller. With out his donation, this project would have stalled because of the pandemic.

This idea was started by past club member and President Keith DeLong N8XD who proposed the club sponsor a D-Star repeater. At his suggestion Keith said that he would donate the equipement if SVARA would find a home for it. After Keith's passing in April, Mike picked up the ball and purchased and donated the new repeater. Dave then took it upon himself to set up the repeater at his home and program the computer needed for the gateway. The addtional equipment needed for the installation was purchased and the installation was completed.

Installation of the new repeater

The cabinet now houses the System Fusion 2-meter, D-Star UHF and Covenant North receive site for the 147.240 2-meter repeater. The 2-meter fusion CANS are on the bottom of the cabinet and the 440 MHz duplexer for the D-Star are between the repeater and controller. The new Wi-Fi Router, a UPS and Astron power supply complete the install.












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