Announcement from the ARRL -
Michigan Section Manager Position Open

Greetings fellow Michigan Section Hams,

Jim Kvochick K8JK has stepped in as temporary Section Manager [SM] for
the Michigan Section until the end of June, since Larry Camp WB8R stepped
down at the end of December after having served since 2012. Elections for
the position will be held on May 22nd via a mailed ballot should more than
ONE person show interest in running. Petitions must be received at HQ no
later than March 9th.

See page 81 in the February 2018 issue of QST for instructions
regarding how to throw your hat in the ring. But basically, a form with
instructions is available online at:

That form also contains instructions how to submit signatures from FIVE
(or more) ARRL members nominating you for the SM position. You will also
submit your bio information to the ARRL HQ to get your name on the ballot.