Winter Field Day 2012
January 28-29 @  Harry Browne Airport

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The Winter Field Day was a big success.  We began set up at 10 am on Saturday morning and were operational by noon.  All together we had 5 stations operating from the county communications trailer including a 20 meter voice, 40 meter voice, 80 meter voice, QRP CW, and PSK31.  Although there weren't a lot of contacts made, we did prove that we could operate multiple stations at the same time out of the trailer and not interfere with one another.  Power was provided by the county Honda 3000 watt generator and heat was provide by propane and electric means.  We managed to stay pretty comfortable considering the mid 20 temperatures, 30 mph winds and snow on Saturday.  Sunday conditions were a little better.

Thank you to all that participated or stopped by to chat.  We look forward to next year.



The Winter Field Day will be held at Harry Browne Airport beginning at noon (12 PM) on Saturday January 28, 2012.  This will be a combined ARES and SVARA event and is open to all operators.  Like the summer field day, we will have multiple stations operating from the county communications trailer, SVARA trailer and N8ERL's hanger at the airport.  We are planning to man the stations for as long as possible depending on the weather.  Those interested in operation a station, please contact Dave Paquette, W8DW at

As part of the Winter Field Day, the ARES group will be participating in a District wide packet test. 

The 2012 Winter Field Day will be held from 1700 UCT (12:00 noon EST) Saturday January 28, 2011 through 1700 UCT (12:00 noon EST) Sunday January 29, 2012.

The object of the event is familiar to most Amateur Radio operators: set up emergency-style communications and make as many contacts as possible during the 24 hour period. The rules encourage as many contacts on as many bands and modes as possible, because during a real emergency, the most important factor is the ability to communicate, regardless of band, mode or distance.

The official rules can be found at the SPAR web site and the event is open to all amateurs.


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