n      2:00 pm Radio operators assigned to the Incident scene report to the Pre-assembly area

n      3:30 pm Hospital Radio operators report to their assigned locations

n      3:30 pm Joe and Charles report to EOC

n      3:30 pm ATV operators in place

n      4:15 4:20 EOC activated by County Emergency Manager

n      ARES/RACES activated by Emergency Manager

n      EC simulates call up, moves to CRC

n      SVARA Trailer (Jeff, Rick, Fred Jr., Ron) report to Incident scene

n      Jeff assumes Incident Net Control in route until trailer is set up.

n      Net Control is transferred to Trailer when Fred Jr. and Rick are ready to take control

n      Incident Net Control contacts EOC to activate Hospital stations

n      Incident Net Control contacts Pre-assembly area to request resources (shadows, bus operators) move to Incident scene. Report to Incident Net Control for assignment.


n      Keith Delong Pre-assembly contact for Incident Net Control when resources are requested to be moved to scene on 146.55 MHz simplex.

n      Pre-Event communications will be on the 147.240 Saginaw Repeater.